CBD Tincture 2000 MG

How safe is CBD oil?

Other than a small risk of nausea there have been no adverse side effects of cannabidiol (CBD).  CBD has not been linked to any overdoses and does not have any precautions against it. The National Institute on Drug Abuse agrees that CBD oil is safe to use for almost any person. The benefits are immense especially in the case of people that have chronic pain, sleep insomnia, or anxiety. Though Marijuana and CBD oil are from the same cannabis plant, they are not the same thing. CBD oil is derived from the hemp part of the plant where marijuana is derived from the leaves of the plant. THC is also found in the marijuana part of the plant where it is not found in CBD oil. THC contains the hallucinogens and addictive factors of the plant that most people want to stay away from. There should be no concerns of using the CBD oil, as an adult, because it does not have an addictive factor in it. CBD oil is safe to use for children and can be very helpful for some that have conditions such as epilepsy or frequent seizures. It is not recommended for children who don’t need it to use it every day, because it is a medicine.

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